Welcome to Adventures Chosen!

I love roleplaying games. It started for me like it starts for every kid: Playing pretend. I played army, and I played house. I loved the Book Fair at school where I first discovered Choose Your Own Adventure books, and tried to get as many as a kid without a job could get. This was followed up by books from other series that I don't even remember the names to. Which Way Books, Wizards Warriors & You, Zork, so many others. Later, I found books with more rules, books that more closely resembled Dungeons & Dragons, like Fighting Fantasy, Grey Star and Lone Wolf. In the comics I was reading I'd see advertisments for Dungeons & Dragons, Robotech or Star Frontiers, games I had no idea about but nonetheless intrigued me. Then I bought Darksword Adventures, a book from a fantasy series I had not read, but the book basically contained a roleplaying game in the back. In 7th grade, I saw a kid with the original Dragonlance book for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and we talked. That was the final gateway, leading me to playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness, Marvel Super Heroes (Advanced Set), then Advanced Dungeons & Dragons.

I was in.


This is a site where I plan to journal and document TTRPG characters and campaigns I'm involved in. I might even talk about old Choose Your Own Adventure style game books or just role playing in general as well. If I'm really lucky, maybe I can convice a friend or two to also make journals, to document our adventures from different perspectives. That'd be pretty cool. In addition to this, I've also archived an old blog of mine on here that I used to keep on Blogspot that I called "Uzis, Capes & Katanas: A Weblog of Modern Action Role-Playing." Anything you see here written before 2024 will have been from that old site. You can check out what I wrote for it back in the posts archive

What's Here?

Future Plans?

What other campaigns might I consider adding stuff for here? Here is a list of ideas that come to mind. We'll see if I do 'em up.